Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Ultimate Sweater Roundup

Hi loves and happy hump day!

How are you?! Today is a big day for me. I'm finally purchasing a DSLR camera for j. edition. It's a big investment and solidifies my commitment to blogging. So expect more inside looks into my life, very soon!

On another note, for the past week I've been on the hunt for the best winter sweaters. Here's the roundup!

FLORAL - this winter we're bringing patterns back starting with floral // Equipment Sloane Print Sweater (on sale!)

TWO-TONED - textured shrugs are a winter wardrobe constant // Forever 21 Batwing Cardigan

OCHRE - this color is trending in a big way // Mango Cable Knit

CABLE KNIT - need I say more // Elevenparis Farille Braided Cable Knit

PLAYFUL - let's add some humor to the gloomy days ahead // Band of Outsiders Embroidered Sweater

FAIR ISLE - a classic pattern worth investing in // Joie Deedra Sweater

STRIPE - pulls off quirky and classic simultaneously // Play Comme Des Garcons Sweater

LEOPARD - as I said patterns are back and that includes leopard and python animal prints // Rag and Bone Isadora Cardigan

WINDOWPANE - good bye plaid, hello windowpanes // Loft Windowpane Sweater

What do you think?!

Yours truly,

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Welcome J. Edition On Twitter!

Officially on Twitter!!

Since I'm at my desk and on my computer from 9 to 5 every day, it's easy for me to filter Twitter for you. I promise to only tweet important, funny, delicious, interesting or adventurous stories.

So, so excited about this!! Just need to think of a clever tagline and update j. edition blog icons. That means a lot of code researching tonight :(

Let me know if you have any ideas for the tagline - send a tweet @thejedition!!

Yours truly,

Monday, October 20, 2014

5 Healthy Habits I Swear By

Hi there, how was your weekend? Mine was very eventful with birthday parties and my school's Homecoming football game.

Today's post is a little more personal and by no means scientific. Every Monday evening, my girlfriends and I get together for dinner, maybe a movie and (of course) non-stop talking. We almost always hit on the topic of health and share our latest discoveries. I love hearing about their new finds and practiced workout routines so I thought I would share mine with you. Granted, everyone has a different makeup and build, but here are some healthy habits that I swear by:

  1. Social Drinker - I am strictly a social drinker. I drink alcoholic beverages at parties or a girls night out but I won't indulge in a glass of wine after work or with dinner. On average, I drink once a week, if that.

  2. Water Guzzler - I drink an absurd amount of water, 4-5 liters per day. I think it helps keep my metabolism speedy!

  3. Two Timer - I always run 3 miles, non-stop, twice a week. I try to keep my mile pace quick, with a sprint at the end of the run. Running quicker allows me to spend less time in the gym and encourages me to return. Long classes make me dread working out because of the time I lose.

  4. Plant Eater - My work has a commissary, so I eat from the salad bar every day for lunch. That way, I can eat whatever I want for dinner when I'm tired and lacking self control.

  5. On A Mission - I walk like I'm late to a meeting and I take the stairs unless it's more than 6 floors (mostly because I hate wasting time). 

This is basically all I do to maintain my weight. I feel great and it's a minimal time commitment.

What are your secrets for keeping fit?

Yours truly,

P.S. If you are looking for healthy habits that are more scientific check out The Scientific 7-Minute Workout.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Make Your Commute Worthwhile

Hi there! I learned a new term this week I have to share with you - "consensus management." I've spent the last 5 years describing this and, thanks to This American Life, I discovered there's an actual name for it! The phrase refers to a leader who doesn't implement a decision until they thoroughly vet all angles and then receive buy-in from everyone. (That was, if anything goes south, they don't get blamed). If you work in Corporate America I'm sure you've experienced this type of management/leadership style.

As it turns out, our Fed practices consensus management. Not all that surprising, right? Through This American Life, Ira Glass shared secret recordings from the NY Federal Reserve, taken by Carmen Segarra during the aftermath of the economic crisis. The podcast is incredibly interesting. It actually made me love L.A. traffic for just one day. Listen to it here for free.

Hope you enjoy!

Yours truly,

Photo Source: The Selby

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Should I Wear On A First Date?

Officially single and I'm finally ready to start dating again! Since I've been out of the game for quite some time and my fashion taste has taken a turn towards the conservative, I need your help.

When I go out, I typically wear a black crew neck top and black pants or a leather mini skirt with flats. So you can visualize it, here and here are photos of me out on the town. After reading about Natalie Joos's dating wardrobe and watching What Real Men Want You To Wear [on a date], I've decided to take her advice and go with a little black dress and heels. In selecting the above options, I was careful to keep these things in mind: show waistline, nothing too low cut, no lace, no satin/silk, and budget friendly.

Which of the options do you like?! Vote for 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

What's your go-to outfit for a date night?

Yours truly,

P.S. This dress reminds me of Natalie's, but I think the lace is a bit much for me.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Maid Of Honor

 photo How-To-Ask-Maid-Of-Honor-Weddings_zpsf66c995d.jpg

Landing in Los Angeles's airport after a wonderful "Sister Trip", this was hanging in the car door of my ride home. My sister somehow managed to surprise me despite the fact that I had already assumed the position as MOH. Subtle and perfect. 

Yours truly,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Career Advice On Networking

Good advice is hard to come by. Good practical advice is even harder to come by. So after a candid conversation with a ball-busting female exec, I knew I had to share this piece of advice with you.

Typically, I think of networking as something I do outside of my company; however her advice is about networking within your organization, up the food chain. Her words of wisdom went something like this:

Network with the leaders above your boss to ensure job security and success. In case your boss switches jobs or gets the ax, you have other advocates and won't get let go with them.

In this day and age with so much turnover in Corporate America, it's valuable advice.

I must confess - I get a bit intimidated if I know someone has a high title. I do my best when I'm blindsided.

What do you think? Do you do this?

Yours truly,

P.S. Please share any good career advice you've learned or received! Also, more networking advice here.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

3 Items You Must Own This Winter

Hey there! Lately, I've been focused on my winter wardrobe and what new items I want to invest in. Since I'm on a budget, I try to stay away from trends that last only one season. So as much as I would love to wear a light pink coat, I won't invest in this already expensive item.

After careful study of my favorite fashion icons, here are the 3 must-have items this winter: (1) go-to pair of boyfriend jeans, (2) beige cable knit sweater, and (3) Longchamp handbag.

I can't wait to live in comfortable jeans and oversized, chunky sweaters! And, don't you love the black on black Longchamp? I've been obsessing over it!

Let me know your thoughts or just say hi. I hope you're all having a great week!

Yours truly,

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Did You Know Has A Sale Section?

Hi there, just wanted to share some quick news with you. In case you hadn't noticed, Zara added a "Special Prices" section to their website. It's basically a sale section and it's wonderful! I bought the pieces shown above and love them all so much. This fall I'm all about the knit, neutrals, and sporty look! I'll try to do a shoot for Fashion Edition soon!!

Yours truly,

P.S. Also, I've been pinning up a storm! Join me here.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pretty Little Things From NYC

 photo Catbirdfar750_zpse6267434.jpg

 photo catbirdclose750_zpsf21223e0.jpg

As most of you know by now, last week I went to NYC with my sister. We didn't do much shopping, but there was one store we couldn't miss, Catbird. Their tiny boutique is located on Bedford Avenue in the heart of Williamsburg, and has gorgeous jewelry that totally justify dropping a piece of my hard earned 9 to 5 paycheck. My sis and I ended up picking out matching rings, and I predict it won't be my last Catbird purchase.

There was something incredibly satisfying about purchasing this ring for myself. Have you bought a piece of jewelry for yourself and felt this way too?

Yours truly,